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Monday 6/1

Re-Opening Day! We are so excited to be opening our doors once again. Members... don't forget you have an important email in your inbox regarding the protocol & procedures we need to follow in order to open again Please read this prior to coming in. Remember you are all required to reserve and check in on the Zen Planner App PRIOR to attending class to ensure we do not exceed 5 people.

All equipment that was borrowed will need to be returned by Tuesday Thank you for your cooperation, and lets do this! Strength Stamina Squats

On the 1:30 x 7 Sets: 2 Front Squat 4 Back Squats

Barbell Loaded at 59% 1RM Front Squat (For the % it was originally 69… I took off 10% to ease people back in)


EMOM 12:00 (:40 seconds on / :20 seconds off)

Minute 1: Burpees

Minute 2: Plank Hold

Minute 3: Air Squats

Minute 4: Kettlebell Swings

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