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Friday 1/29

Bullet Proof Shoulders

3 sets

x10 Prone PVC Lifts - grab as narrow as you can while still being able to lift 2-3 inches off the ground. Try to break the PVC pipe by externally rotating arm before lifting.

x5 Goblet Squat & Press- sit in a deep squat, keep elbow in and press as far overhead as possible w/ light weight

x30 second KB Arm Bar us a challenging weight to hold for the full time period. Recommended weight for athletes typically doing Rx workout is 53/35lbs


Come A Little Bit Closer

For Time: 1000/800m Row

50 Devils Press (35s/25s) 200ft Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge (35s/25s)

Midline (if time)

Perform 4 x max effort Stir the Pots.

Then complete 5 minutes max distance suitcase carry. Switch hands on the carry as needed

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